Indien on leine derty chate In case eggplants are too subtle Grindr releases more um expressive emojiImage grindrSubtlety is so last year.Sometimes you just want to be more well specific. After all whats a latenight booty call without the explicit promise of feasting on some eggplantGay dating app Grindr understands this all too perfectly and this week released its own set of custom emoji designed to slide comfortably right into that naughty place in your texting heart.Pink News first picked up the semiotic breakthrough and noted that there are more than just pierced aubergines to experiment with. Whether its a cloud of raining men a peeping eye or a dude on a top bunk the character set provides Grindrs mostly male user base with plenty of options to telegraph their desire.Grindr now has custom Emoji pic.twitter.comw4qrSmM0u8Handcuffs leather daddies a unicorn and a polaroid of a peach theres a little something for everyone. The update is not without a key bump of controversy however as at least one user pointed out that T is slang for meth. Although to be fair a giant golden T emoji could these days just be an endorsement of the 45th president of the United States. Hey who wouldnt appreciate an inGrindr shout outGrindrs new emoji keyboard includes a capital T which is slang for meth. Thats...boldly nonjudgmental I guess pic.twitter.comHD6HvX5K01While many of these play off existing emoji usage a few are brand new entrants to the pictorial texting scene. With that in mind please allow us to act as

Thanksgiving bumble bee clip art PinkNews Daily LGBT NewsletterSignup to receive a daily roundup of the top LGBT news stories from around the worldGrindr has dropped the T emoji from its new range of custom gay emojis afters users warned that it could stand for crystal meth. Some suggested it could refer to the gay slang tea meaning gossip while others thought it could mean T for top. However many more people came to the worrying conclusion that it stood for Tina a shortened slang word of Christina which refers to crystal. The gay dating app removed the emoji without a statement after users broadcasted their concerns on twitter. Grindrs new emoji keyboard includes a capital T which is slang for meth. Thats body nonjudgmental I guess wrote one user. So Grindr has added its own emojis. Is there anything else T stands for other than Tina crystal Thats how itll be used. Helpful adde

Simplesexchat com skip to main skip to sidebarHow To Add Emoji Emoticons to GrindrIve gotten a lot of questions from people about how folks use emojiemoticons in Grindr so I thought Id give a little howto session.First off emoji is a systemwide option not something specific to Grindr so once you unlock them you can use them in all apps that support them including iPhonetoiPhone messaging emails etc. Emoji is hidden within the Japanese language options and is locked with the standard Englishbased iPhone OS. The goal is to unlock the emoji option and release the emoticons to an unsuspecting Grindr world.To begin youll need to download a free app from the App Store called Spell Number. Just so youre not confused this app has nothing to do with emoji. What it has is an Easter egg that will allow you to unlock the emoji with a few easy steps.Once downloaded launch Spell Number and type in the number 91929394.59. Now close the app by pressing the Ho

Sex chat room hd canada StuffWhat does an aubergine have to do with sexDELAJoel Golbynov 30 2015 100pmListen Im just like you I have sex like every other guy prepare my vent to spray a foam of sperm towards the female or hen and hope my seed works its way up towards the egg before inseminating it and 28 days later a tiny baby turkey is born. But teens do it differently primarily through the form of Unicode hieroglyphs tapped out on their mobile phones a new digital form of doing it called sexting. Which is why rubber sheath company and safe sex advocates Durex teamed up with 3GEM to find the most popular sexting emoji among teens and young adults 16 25. They want a condom emoji is the thing. You know when people campaigned for more diverse emoji Like that but way less important. They want a condom emoji because they want kids to hate both condoms and emoji. Thing is though what in fuck do these emoji mean It says here an aubergine is the most popular sexting emoji what does that mean Another one is just a patch of liquid droplets what can that possibly mean And a peach what is that Reader I hope to find out. If anyone